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Soul elements

Where attention goes, energy flows

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Is It A Sign?

Have you been experiencing the following:

-Energetically drained

-Fatigued/low energy

-Frequently sick

-Not feeling safe in your home

-Lack of productivity and clarity

-Unexpected electrical experiences (lights flickering, lights shutting off)

-Frequent arguments with your loved ones

-Feeling like you don’t belong (not grounded)

-Physical, mental, and emotional discomfort

-Financially insecure

-Build up of undesirable energy (Just moved into your new home)

-Recently lost a loved one

-Feeling out of place or detached from your true self

-Trouble sleeping

-High stress and emotional buildup 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and sustain an affirmative living ambiance. Our vision is to enlighten the energy for you and your loved ones by creating a protected and sacred space.

reasons to get an energy cleanse

Image by Patrick Perkins

To heal mental, emotional, & physical illness

To remove any unwanted energy involved in buying or selling a home

To attract higher vibrational situations & events

To promote relaxation, meditation, & serenity

To remove the buildup of stressful thoughts & stagnant emotions

To promote new thoughts, solutions & creativity

To remove residual energy from arugements and conflicts

To create an abundance of financial flow & prosparity

Understanding energy allows for a deeper insight of the impact that the environment has on your physical, mental and emotional prosperity. Channeling this energy through creating a space of balance, peace, and abundance will allow divine flow in all areas of your life.


Ayla Krasa

Ayla is a Registered Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, and Auric Reader. Her primary focus is balancing energy centers with food, environment, and spiritual modalities.

Speciality: Psychic 

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Emily Miotto

Emily is an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Meditation Coach, and lightworker. Her primary focus is removing the energy, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve one’s spiritual journey. Speciality: Chakras

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who are your healers?

cleansing bundles

Image by avery klein


Clear the energy of your home through the cosmic power of the five elements, energy healing, feng shui, essential oils, herbs, crystals & intentional living.


Image by Meriç Dağlı

earthing cleanse

A seasonal Restore session four times a year aimed to attune, empower, and harmonize your home. Bonus of Personal Balancing Session.


Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


Increase vitality, spirit and inner wisdom through Reiki, Theta Healing, Energetic Cleansing, and Crystals.


Personal Balancing

"I have finally been able to achieve a deeper sleep and feel so energetic! I have also adopted some Spiritual practices that Emily and Ayla had shown me when I received my Personal Balancing."


— Cheryl

Let intuition be your guide

First Time Restore

    What’s Included

  • 15 minute Discovery Call

  • One Time House Cleansing Session

  • Single Room Feng Shui (of Your Choice)

  • Balancing The 5 Elements Of The Home

  • Reiki In Each Room

  • Theta Healing In Each Room

  • Use Of Essential Oils

  • Smoke Baths

  • Usage & Placement of Crystals To Increase The Energy Flow In Each Room

  • Self-Cleansing Worksheet

  • Sage Bundle Gift

Image by avery klein
Earthing Cleanse

    What’s Included

  • 15 minute Discovery call

  • 4 House Cleansing Sessions/ year (every season)

  • Customized Feng Shui for Your Entire Home

  • Balancing The 5 Elements Of The Home

  • Reiki in Each Room

  • Theta Healing In Each Room

  • Use Of Essential Oils

  • Smoke Baths

  • Usage & Placement of Crystals to Increase the Energy Flow in Each Room

  • Sage Bundle Gift

  • One Personal Balancing Session

  • Self-Cleansing Guidebook

  • Surprise!

Image by Meriç Dağlı
Personal Balancing

​   What’s Included

  • Theta Healing “Heart Song” To Release Stagnant Emotions In The Body

  • Personalized Reiki Session To Remove Stagnant Energy & Balance Chakras In The Body

  • Balance The Energy Centers To Attract Money, Love And Happiness Into Your Life Through Crystal Healing

  • Use of Sage, Palo Santo, and Essential Oils to Harmonize & Balance The Physical, Astral, Etheric & Causal Bodies

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Know your healing


Tap into the subconscious mind to remove the self limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

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Tap into your Universal Energy Source to balance, harmonize and heal your body by removing stagnant energy.

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