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About Ayla Christine


Hi, I'm Ayla!

I want to tell you a little bit about my self so you have a sense of who I am as a whole. I have always been extremely passionate about a lot of things in this life and people always told me I could only choose one passion and one path. So here I am the one that made all my passions into my full time job and completely LOVE the impact I've made.

Holistic Nutrition

Natural Medicine/Alternative Medicine

Natural Beauty Products

Fitness/ Running/ Movement

Spiritual Awakening/ Manifestation/ Intuitive Guidance 

Reiki/ Energy healing/ Intuitive Healing/ Long Distance Healing

Motivational Speaking

Business Mentorship



All the above that I listed I've always been passionate about & I mean obsessed! I could talk about these things for hours which is why I made this my full time job. I truly 

believe I was given this life to serve, heal, and guide others in this universe. I've been granted gifts which I use everyday that will always remain special to me which is why

I am able to connect to individuals and do my job well!

I have a story just like you- I have been in your shoes before.

I know what it feels like to have no control over your own health, I know what it's like to live in a body that you don't feel comfortable in. I know what it's like to feel lost and unsure of what your passion is. I know what it's like to be unsure of your own path. I know what it's like to feel these things because I am human- just like you. Having gone through these events in life I've been granted the ability to follow my passion and it has lead me here today. Its given me the ability to serve people just like you & I am forever thankfulI am here to share my story, my journey, and to guide you through yours with fun information, knowledge, and 1:1 coaching, and all the goodies! Let me give you some insight on just a small part of my story...

After suffering from

- 3 sever concussions in my early 20's

- Post concussion migraines, headaches, blurry vision, floaters, inability to focus,

   inability to read without having dyslexic attacks, inability to comprehend.

- Sever digestive issues (constant bloat, cramping, indigestion)

- Sever food allergies

- Leaky Gut

- Candida (2 times)

- Hormonal Acne

- Extreme hospitalizing periods

- Binge eating disorder from a past personal trainer when I was in my late teens

- Unknown skin patches on my body (no-one could tell me the problem. I was always told I just needed a topical cream to get rid of my skin issues)

- Adrenal Fatigue

I finally decided I was my only savour. I needed something more, I decided to go to The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. The first day I sat in class my life changed for the better... I instantly KNEW I was in the right place...the feeling could not have been any stronger.

I was never able to get answers from anyone about why my health issues were increasingly worsening in front of my eyes. I was just looking for help and an answer to help me overcome my issues I was facing. So I decided to be my own lab rat and made a pack to myself that from the day I started school to become a Nutritionist was the day I was going to start my journey to healing my body BY MYSELF. I did a LOT of experiments on my self, I used a lot of different approaches, I have tried a TON of supplements on the market, and I have done a LOT of spiritual growth on myself. In the time span that I had finished school (1 year accelerated program) I had naturally shifted my body into a healing state. I had rid ALL the issues I was facing and still until this day have not had anything resurface. I had no more post concussion symptoms, no more digestive issues, no food allergies, no leaky gut or candida, I haven't had acne in a LONG time, balanced hormones and easy going periods, tons of energy,  & my eating habits have never been better.

The thing is I was dedicated, determined, and consistent with my healing journey, I knew I wouldn't have results over night but over time. I knew I had to really dig deep and find the ROOT CAUSE of all my imbalance and start I did. I understand how Holistic Nutrition changed my life and how it can change yours. I understand how the Mind, Body, and soul are ALL connected and so intricate. Knowing that my diet had such an impact on my health and was one of the main sources to my health issues I also understood there was something deeper to my healing. I had to really dig deep into my Spiritual health and do an assessment. This was my final piece...this is what helped me stabilize and become ultimately the healthiest I've ever been Mentally, Physically. and Emotionally. and of course Spiritually. As I shifted energetically I started to realize I've been given these special intuitive gifts and I could then help others with the gifts I've been given. I was so intrigued I had to continue my educational journey of wholeness. I went on to continue my studies in becoming a Reiki Practitioner to help people heal themselves energetically and spiritually.

I have learned a lot from my health and wellness journey and it opened many new paths of interest for myself. I am here to show you that you are NOT stuck and there is always an answer. I am here to show you that you deserve to live a fulfilled, passionate, vibrant life. You deserve to feel your best and be your best. 

Always sending you love & light and I hope I can shed some insight  into your world and show you that there is more out there for you!


B.A. Psychology Degree- York University

Registered Holistic Nutritionist-Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 

Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Reiki Practitioner

Certified Personal Trainer- Canfit Pro


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